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Adventure Diving in Cebu, Philippines

The Philippines has become synonymous with world-class scuba diving, boasting the highest concentration of marine life in the world residing just moments off the coast. The beautiful island of Cebu has proven to be no exception, with thousands of fish, crustaceans, sharks, hard tree corals and other sea creatures calling its shores home. Whether you’re a beginner diver or a seasoned professional, our guide to scuba diving in Cebu has everything you need to make a splash.

Deep underwater exploration:
1.) Shark Watching
Shark Watching is an extraordinary and breathtaking activity in deep sea diving. Regardless of time and seasonality, it is accessible by taking 20 mins boat ride from the west coast of Mactan island to reach the northern part of Olango island known as Tingo point where the Thresher sharks and tuna fishes are visible to watch in Depth 30m.
2.) Tuna Hunting.
3.) Safari Diving
shresher shark
Tuna Hunting in Olango Island as shown in the above photograph is accessible from Mactan Island in 30 mins by Boat to reach the northwest point area where the tuna fishes could be found. By means of spear gun, one can catch a tuna fish that weighed up to 60 kilos especially in the month of January in its peak.
A hunter in the photograph above has in his possession tuna fishes at his left hand that weighed 9 kilos and at his right hand that weighed 11 kilos and noticeably party bitten off by a shark Picture: Mr. Takaya on Dec.06 
tuna hunting
Whale Sharks Watching in Cebu
The south east of Cebu is now famous as the site of whale shark watching, in Tanawan, Oslob.  It’s 140 km. away from Maribago, Mactan,  with 3-4 hours travel by car.  Whale Sharks visibility in Oslob was noted late last year with a school of 22, but as of the month of April only 4~8 are visible in the area including the one which has a Tag in its tail as Baha, California, USA registered.
Whale sharks are visible during good weather and clear water before the water temperature goes up, but when the water is rough and muddy, the sharks are not coming for feeding.
Swimming with the whale sharks is so amazing and there are rules implemented by the government as follows; not approach near than 5 meters, use camera without flash, feeding is not allowed, application of body lotion is prohibited, etc
whale shark
Diving Paradise Cebu

Hereunder the estimated time consumed to our jetty from Major Resort Hotels;
* Cebu, Shangri-la Hotel guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping=7 minutes only to K I Marine jetty
* Cebu,Moevenpick guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping =7 minutes only to K I Marine jetty
* Cebu, Plantation Bay guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping =7 minutes only to K I Marine jetty
* Cebu, Maribago Blue Water guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping =3 minutes only to K I Marine jetty
* Cebu,White Sands guest for Diving,snorkeling and Isand Hopping=3 minutes only to K I Marine jetty
* Cebu, Marriott Hotelguest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping =45 minutes drive to our K I Marine jetty
* Cebu,JPark, guest for Diving,snorkeling and Isand Hopping=1 minutes only to K I Marine jetty
* Cebu,Waterfront Air Port=15minutes
from our Maribago Dive Shop to Diving site Hilutung Island 30minutes, Diving Site Nalusuan Island 50minutes, Diving Site Talima 30minutes,
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