Cebu City Tour
fort san pedro
"Fort San Pedro" Cebu City Fort San Pedro, the first Spanish fort build in Philippines soil on December 14,1600
Cebu is the trading center of Southeast Asia in the 13th century. Discovered by  Ferdinand Magellan on April 8,1521. Rich of its pre-Hispanic relics, pre-historic past, antiques, and artifacts that have been found in different parts of the island. Cebu now leads the Philippines in an economic upswing unprecedented in its history and is the gateway of central and southern Philippines and is the country's favorite tourist destination.

St Neno Charch
"Basilica Minore del Sto.Nino"
is Cebu's oldest Roman Catholic Church, also still retains the original stone texture and natural color it had in 1735.
City Tour Package
"Taoist Temple"
Taoist Temple located at Beverly
Hills, Cebu. This temple
preserves the teachings of
Lao-Tse, The 600 B.C. Chinese
philosopher. Everyday people
climb its 99 steps to light joss
sticks and have their fortune

( City Tour with Buffet Lunch ) 4~5hours
Group of 2 persons=PhP3,800/ person,
3 persons=PhP3,600/person,
4 persons=P3,400/person,
5 persons or more please Inquiry,
1) Mactan Shrine
2) Guitar factory
3) Fort San Pedro
4) Magellans Cross
5) Basilica Minore del Sto Nino
6) Museo Sugbo (Museum)
7) Taoist temple
8) Buffet lunch at The Port Seafood Restaurant with 1 round of drink
"Magellan Shrine"
Ferdinard Magellan planted a cross in the island of Cebu April 8 1521,now the island's famous landmark.
Hill Tops
( City+Tops with Buffet Lunch )
Overlooking Cebu from a mountain top
Group of 2 persons=PhP4,800/ person,
3 persons=PhP4,500/person,
4 persons=P4,300/person,
5 persons or more please Inquiry,